Buying industrial cleansing merchandise one zero one

All public facilities should be often cleansed so as to adjust to health and healthful standards. maybe you have got a protector for your building or even you source the work to an expert cleansing service. Either way, your facility ought to be adequately equipped with the right provides. the subsequent guide outlines the simplest cleansing merchandise each building ought to have within the janitor’s closet. This additionally includes recommendations on a way to perceive the correct industrial cleansing instrumentality for your workplace.

The first tip to stay in mind is that bulk cleansing merchandise ought to solely be purchased at a warehouse provider. The merchandise you discover in stores square measure meant for residential use and not for significant industrial use. A typical bleach and ammonia cleaner, for example, may well be fine for wiping a menage room counter however is obscurity close to enough for cleansing a wash room that receives daily traffic from lots of to thousands of individuals.

The same is true once it involves the cleansing instrumentality. A home appliance selected for home use, as an example, might not have the sufficient  power to handle the significant pedestrian traffic from staffers and customers at a public venue.

Cleaning liquids square measure usually the primary to come back to mind once it involves janitorial provides. This includes those for windows, tiles, counters and alternative surfaces. Currently, there’s plenty of buzz regarding victimisation eco-friendly cleansing merchandise. For the foremost half, this can be fine once it involves residential cleansing, however such merchandise square measure usually light for industrial use. For a eating place room, for example, you would like a liquid resolution fortified with basic ingredients that contains sturdy degreasing properties. this could embody detergent builder, metal meta salt, and chelants simply to list many.

Examine your own facility; does one have tile, wooden, or carpeted floors? What quite counters and tables does one have? additionally, will your facility handle food things or chemical-based products? Asking these queries can assist you verify what quite cleansing liquids you would like. It goes while not oral communication that rooms sort of a restaurant can would like stronger cleansing liquids than AN workplace or room.

Of course, you furthermore may ought to look at disposable cleansing instrumentality, like trash luggage, sponges and paper towels. Again, these all ought to be of upper quality than their home-use counterparts. Garbage luggage, for example, ought to be ready to handle the significant load of trash and not fully rip apart once you take out the trash. forever acquire the simplest cleansing merchandise from a warehouse provider as their merchandise square measure designed specifically for bulk distribution and trade use.

Industrial cleansing instrumentality additionally includes appliances that you simply are victimisation on a daily basis. For carpeted floors, you’ll would like a home appliance. this can be a necessary piece of business cleansing instrumentality that’s required for facilities with carpeted areas, rugs and multiple upholsteries. A vacuum’s power is decided by its power, that usually ranges from three hundred to 1500 watts. Obviously, AN industrial cleaner can ought to get on the upper finish of the size. there’s no strict rule here, although you must aim for a vacuum with power of a minimum of a thousand. this could offer ample motor and suction power to extract dirt embedded deeply into the carpet’s fiber strands.

Cleaning a carpet is not only regarding removing dirt and debris; it additionally must be steamed cleansed so as to get rid of the buildup of mildew, germs, and mold. This a part of the work is usually outsourced to an expert carpet cleansing service, although it can even be done by your own employees members providing you have got a top quality carpet extractor and steamer. Like vacuum cleaners, steamer motors additionally are available in watts, therefore explore for a model that ideally has a minimum of a thousand watts, although once more, this can be not AN ironclad rule. Factors just like the sort of carpet and quantity of pedestrian traffic can verify the motor power that is required.

For tile and lino floors, you not solely wish to allow it a periodic clean however you furthermore may wish to allow it a gloss therefore shiny that you simply will nearly see your reflection. sharpening the floors additionally provides the world a heightened aesthetic attractiveness, that is extremely necessary if your facility receives customers or is hospitable the general public.

A floor buffer ought to be used whenever the ground begins showing signs of scuffs and marks from the daily pedestrian traffic. once selecting a floor buffer, check the motor’s rev. Contrary to fashionable belief, higher|the next} rev is not essentially better. AN rev of four hundred or below can typically fulfil for stain removal and sharpening. Some models have a motor rev as high as 3000. This speed level is not necessary and should even be harmful as these square measure typically harder to handle and also are a lot of seemingly to overheat.

Another item you must have in your facility may be a hand drier, that ought to be put in in each toilet. A hand skilled worker isn’t extremely thought of a cleansing product. detain mind, though, that a clean facility may be a healthful facility, and drying your hands is a necessary element for a germ-free setting. This additionally cuts down on the utilization of paper towels, that isn’t solely sensible for the setting however additionally cuts down on your overhead prices. It additionally means that lesser instances of overflown garbage bins with paper towels cluttered round the floor.

Commercial cleansing Sydney needs industrial grade instrumentality and provides once it involves operating with public facilities. explore for a warehouse provider that carries bulk cleansing merchandise at an occasional value. These also are the companies that cleansing services communicate once getting their own merchandise. The economical bulk evaluation additionally allows these services to supply cheap industrial cleansing rates for his or her own purchasers.

Commercial cleansing Sydney should always fall in line with health compliance laws, and this begins with having the correct instrumentality and provides for making certain that public facilities square measure cleansed to federal tips. whether or not you source the cleansing to a 3rd party agency that charges cheap industrial cleansing rates or have your own employees do the cleansing, bear in mind that cleanliness may be a a part of daily business maintenance operations.

Is creating cash With pc Right For You?

Where ever you look these days there square measure business opportunities galore and lots of of them appear to consider creating cash with pc. however is creating cash with pc right for you?

It’s on no account right for everybody? There square measure still individuals out there (although that is speed changing) UN agency could not care less regarding creating cash with pc. It’s simply method on top of their head. They assume its difficult. It’s not. It’s simply the concern of the unknown. Times square measure currently ever-changing although. we tend to accustomed all look once on the street however individuals have gotten a lot of savvy and victimisation the web to analysis and realize cracking deals that they could not get before.

For some, creating cash with pc would be a nightmare. If you’re someone UN agency likes to induce out and regarding then being cooped in, day in trip… with no human company however your pc… may drive you insane. In fact, I accustomed recognize a woman UN agency had a extremely sensible skilled high paying job. sooner or later the corporate asked employee’s UN agency was fascinated by engaging from home as most of the work would be operating on-line with the pc. She quickly volunteered as a result of she was a 1 parent family UN agency had issues composing to gather her child from college. She thought that it’d be heaven. No a lot of issues of travel to figure for some of hours everyday. That was time saved of her work day and no a lot of issues of dropping her child off within the morning and collection him within the afternoon.

When I saw her many weeks later I asked her however she was archaic. She aforesaid that she scorned it. No a lot of work colleagues she might go and see to planned out issues. No morning breaks along with her work friends UN agency she accustomed have a decent discourse with. She even felt a lot of a lot of tired being stuck altogether day and felt a lot of miserable and depressed. Luckily, her bosses were AN understanding kind and brought her back to company headquarters before she cracked up. Last time I saw her she was happy as Larry.

I additionally recognize somebody UN agency may be a pc geek, is aware of the most recent gadgets and what programs go wherever however if I asked him regarding creating cash with pc he would not have a clue. as a result of he’s not a vendor. and therefore the secret of creating cash with pc is all regarding knowing a way to market to individuals. Not if you’ll work for Microsoft.

If you’re the kind that’s sociable, forever loves the corporate of individuals however hate pcs then creating cash with computer reception perhaps not for you. persist with your job and be happy. as a result of cash (although very important) isn’t everything. If however, you like individuals and don’t seem to be petrified of creating cash with pc… then it would be right up your street.

Guide to beginning a Carpet cleansing Business

Starting a carpet cleansing business are often a straightforward beginning to winning self employment. Carpet cleansing is a wonderful service business as a result of the startup prices are often unbroken to a minimum if you’re terribly careful. no matter wherever you reside, there’s forever a requirement for skilled carpet cleansing. several feel that they can’t achieve success while not change of integrity one among the big franchise firms. this might not be afar from the reality.

In the past few years there are several advances in cleansing chemicals and machines. Today, someone will begin ANd be terribly competitive with the massive name franchise operations with an investment of but 3 thousand bucks. The key to success is learning the right techniques of cleansing and buying the proper instrumentality to be competitive while not breaking your budget.

Due to the various advances within the trade, the new business startup ought to produce a special ‘niche’ business. whereas the big business operations square measure still paying off their franchise needs and their $60,000 to $100,00 truck mount instrumentality, a replacement owner are often in quick profit victimisation the most recent technology. one among the simplest things regarding {this is|this is often|this will be} that one can learn all the fundamentals right the net if you recognize wherever to seek out the proper info.

While your competitors advertise low worth, the winning carpet cleansing business owner ought to emphasize quality work. the foremost fashionable means that of cleansing carpets within the past twenty five years has been predicament extraction or ‘steam cleaning’ because it is usually referred to as. this method still has its place however it ends up in client discontentment in over over five hundredth of homes wherever it’s used. this can be a polemical subject that the operators of these dearly-won machines ne’er wish to debate.

Many business house owners can argue this time except for the past five years, the bulk of my new customers have referred to as as a result of their discontentment with the franchise operations within the past. one among the most important issues with steam cleansing is that the carpets stay damp for AN extended amount of your time. The good business owner will get pleasure from this truth by victimisation cleansing techniques that promise quick drying times and take away the danger of mildew and mould. Anyone considering beginning a carpet cleansing business these days, ought to extremely analysis the assorted ways of low wetness carpet cleansing.

The second space during which the new business owner will contend with celebrity competition is finding means that of advertising that square measure habitually left out by the big firms. There square measure some ways to achieve a targeted client base while not going skint. beginning a carpet cleansing business isn’t rocket science however with the right steerage, a replacement owner will become profitable right from the start and might step by step grow his business as giant as he or she needs. gratuitous to mention, as long as there square measure babies and pets, there’ll be a necessity for skilled carpet cleansing.

Guide to Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business

Starting a carpet cleaning business can be an easy first step to successful self employment. Carpet Cleaning is an excellent service business because the startup costs can be kept to a minimum if you are very careful. Regardless of where you live, there is always a demand for professional carpet cleaning. Many feel that they cannot be successful without joining one of the large franchise companies. This could not be further from the truth.

In the past few years there have been many advances in cleaning chemicals and machines. Today, a person can start and be very competitive with the big name franchise operations with an investment of less than three thousand dollars. The key to success is learning the proper techniques of cleaning and purchasing the correct equipment to be competitive without breaking your budget.

Due to the many advances in the industry, the new business startup should create a special ‘niche’ business. While the large business operations are still paying off their franchise requirements and their $60,000 to $100,00 truck mount equipment, a new owner can be in fast profit using the latest technology. One of the best things about this is that one can learn all the basics right on the web if you know where to find the correct information.

While your competitors advertise low price, the successful carpet cleaning business owner should emphasize quality work. The most popular means of cleaning carpets in the past 25 years has been hot water extraction or ‘steam cleaning’ as it is commonly called. This system still has its place but it results in customer dissatisfaction in over over 50% of homes where it is used. This is a controversial subject that the operators of those expensive machines never want to discuss.

Many business owners will argue this point but for the past 5 years, the majority of my new customers have called because of their dissatisfaction with the franchise operations in the past. One of the major problems with steam cleaning is that the carpets remain damp for an extended period of time. The smart business owner can benefit from this fact by using cleaning techniques which promise fast drying times and remove the danger of mildew and mold. Anyone contemplating starting a carpet cleaning business today, should really research the various methods of low moisture carpet cleaning.

The second area in which the new business owner can compete with big name competition is finding means of advertising that are routinely passed over by the large companies. There are many ways to reach a targeted customer base without going broke. Starting a carpet cleaning business is not rocket science but with the proper guidance, a new owner can become profitable right from the beginning and can gradually grow his business as large as he or she desires. Needless to say, as long as there are small children and pets, there will be a need for professional carpet cleaning.

Marketing Your Business Online with Pay Per Click

Marketing Your Business Online with Pay Per Click
Marketing Yourself or Business Online can be a daunting task to say the least.
Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Press Release, Ezine Article Writing, Blogs,
U-Tube, My Space, Search Engine Registration, Etc. Etc. Etc.
To do them all would be ideal, but my recommendation is to pick one of these and learn it,
master it and then move on to another. But the key here is to focus on one at a time and
become good at it before moving on to your next.
Let’s start with Pay per click. The largest is Google and you also have Yahoo and MSN.
Google has a great set-up that can be fine tuned but it is a little more complex than
Yahoo and MSN, but once you learn all there tools they are very useful. Click to any of
these and they have a good training area and tutorials. Make sure when you start a Pay
per click program that you learn the system that you are participating in and consider
what your daily budget will be before you start, otherwise you will end up spending more
than you want to afford.
Also make sure you use highly targeted keywords for your particular product or service
otherwise again you will be spending unwanted money (remember you are paying for each
click you don’t pay unless they click on your ad) so it is to your benefit to have highly
specific keywords so you weed out the non buyers as well as you recieve the true qualified
The next thing is when you run your ads is always be testing 2 ads against each other to
find your best percent of click through rate in comparision to your impressions. Probally
the most important thing to pay per click advertising is staying commited to it to see your
results come to pass. And once you do that depending on what your marketing you will have
a lot of fun and show a profit. And speaking of profits keep in mind your price point of
your products. When I started marketing online I was selling collectibles with my most
expensive around $100, and I also was doing affiliate marketing with a $27, $37, $47
commission. And I also have marketed items costing over $1600 The point I want to make
here is that my advertising costs were the same on anyone of these, so it actually pays to
market a higher ticket item when using pay per click. Remember the market is available to
you just make sure you have a product they want to buy the price is reletive. I will
continue to write on Marketing ideas for your business so save this in your favorites and
check back often.

Affiliate Programs Review My World Plus

Affiliate Programs provide the answer to every marketer’s dream. My
world Plus
results and guaranteed advertising. If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay a
penny. Can it be that simple? Can one really just, purchase an
affiliate software solution, throw together a quick Affiliate offer and
add a few banners hoping the offer will convert? Will it be possible to
attain digital sales force of literally thousands of affiliates in just
a few days? Unfortunately, it’s a bit more complicated than it might
seem. So the question remains, “how does one start a profitable
affiliate program?”

My World Plus is a great affiliate programs that offers a Big Mac free,
a Quizno’s Sub free, or up to 50% off of your order
from Pizza Hut? These are just some of the examples of the over 175,000
retail locations worldwide that My World Plus allows you to save more
for your pocketbook. Plus you get access to cash back shopping at over
600 My World discounts online vendors!

This is a great offer every person you sign-up your recieve a $25.00
commission. Many people are saving well over $100 each month just by
saving on the
things we do in everyday life. MyWorldPlus has created a win-win
situation that doesn’t come along very often in the network marketing

Making a Fortune on the Net with Affiliate Programs
The World Wide Web could be considered a synonym for opportunity.
Millions of Internet entrepreneurs are finding new ways to make money
online, as the opportunities for building home based businesses online
are growing everyday. Existing businesses are using the Internet as a
vehicle for marketing their products and services online while at the
same time brand new businesses are getting started with only a home
computer and a determination to succeed.

Home Business Jobs: Basic Start-Up Guide

Home Business Jobs: Basic Start-Up Guide
Home-based businesses are becoming increasingly popular as more people
are turning skills, hobbies, and ideas into profitable ventures. A
home-based business allows for flexibility because it can work around
family schedules. It also gives you the independence of being your own
boss, which can be a satisfying experience.

A home business Jobs can take on a variety of definitions. For some
people, it is little more than supplemental income. For others, it may
be the major source of family income.

If you decide to pursue a home-based business, carefully plan and
consider the topics in this publication to help increase your chances
of success. In some cases, the information may prevent your making an
unwise or costly decision.


You must determine if your personal traits, skills, and abilities are
appropriate for a home-based business. Self-discipline is important.
Working for others means many responsibilities are shared with other
employees. Being in business for yourself means you carry the whole
load. Some people don’t want the responsibility of licenses,
regulations, taxes, insurance, record keeping, advertising, and
pricing. Do you?

You may find a home business Jobs confining, stressful, and physically
exhausting. On the other hand, being on your own can be stimulating,
financially rewarding, and satisfying.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of a home-based business include: flexible schedule;
integration of family and work responsibilities; less involvement with
others in a regular work environment (power struggles and red tape); no
commuting time (unless you travel to a customer’s home or place of
business); control of your own environment (temperature, light, work
breaks); self-determination; and independence.

Disadvantages of a home-based business include: risk; isolation; loss
of home space used by the family; interruptions; little opportunity to
delegate tasks to others; legal requirements, and lack of freedom to do
other things.

Other Factors To Consider

There are many issues to consider when you are thinking about starting
a home-based business. A new business venture will significantly impact
both you and your family. It is important to analyze carefully your
reasons for starting a business and how the business will fit your
family lifestyle. Begin by answering the following questions:

* Do you have a marketable skill or
product to sell?

* Do you need the money?

* Are you a self-starter?

* Do you want to be your own boss?

* Do you have the self-discipline to
maintain a work schedule at home?

* Do you want more flexibility in your
work schedule?

* Can you take criticism and rejection?

* Can you switch from home
responsibilities to work all under the same roof?

* Can you cope with the isolation of
working from home?

* Have you discussed the business with
your family?

* Is your family willing to support the
business? To what level?

* Are you ready to treat your business
as a business rather than as a hobby?

* Are you flexible when necessary?

* Do you have the money to cover a
business start-up and initial operating costs?

* How will your customers/clients feel
about your working from home?

* Is there adequate space in your home
for your work?

* Are you ready for a challenge?

A home-based business may cause problems within the family. You need
your family’s support. They need to take you and your business
seriously. What help can you expect or do you need from family members?
Will you have adequate time to spend with your family? Use of their
money, skills, and time often makes the difference between success and

Lack of planning and insufficient financial backing join poor
management as main reasons businesses fail. The majority of small
businesses fail in the first few years of operation. Improve your
chances of success by careful planning.


Most home-based businesses begin with an idea based on the interests,
talents, contacts, expertise, and experiences of the individual who
starts the business. The business can be product-based, service-based,
or a combination of both. If you do not already know what type of
business you are going to start, consider the following as guidelines:

Turn something you enjoy doing, such as a hobby, into a business.
(Examples: sewing, gardening,
child care)

Turn your current job skills into a business.
(Examples: writing,
consulting, auto repair, teaching classes)

Turn a talent into a business.
(Examples: teaching
piano, singing, dancing, or exercising)

Start a business doing things other people hate to do.
(Examples: cleaning
service, income tax service, repair service)

Turn technology into a business.
(Examples: word
processing, computer programming, computer servicing)

Use your vehicle to start a business.
(Examples: yard
service, pick-up/delivery service, moving service)

Turn your kitchen into a business.
(Examples: catering,
specialty foods, canning)

Turn your property into a business.
(Examples: herb
farming, fee-fishing/hunting, organic gardening)

Turn your knowledge into a business.
(Examples: teaching
classes/workshops/seminars, planning events)

These suggestions offered are just to get your thinking started. The
possibilities are limitless. For additional help on deciding what type
of business to start, read the many books available. Two suggestions to
get you started are “Working From Home,” and “Homemade Money,” which
are listed under the suggested reading section of this document.

Home Business 4 ways to make money Part II

Here are 4 ways to make money from Home.


The Plan
If you are a good cook, earn extra money by typing out your recipes and selling them. An easy way is through church guilds, charity bazaars, women’s exchanges, etc.

How It Works
The recipes may be sold through the local guilds as a fund-raising enterprise, since they share in the proceeds. In organizing your recipe file, write up as many as possible–one hundred or more. They can be turned out on a duplicating machine from typewritten stencils on 3 in. by 5 in. cards, and then arranged in recipe boxes. In addition to churches and charitable organizations, these recipe files, which make excellent gifts, can be sold through gift shops, etc.

Possible Profits
Such files should easily bring $2.00 each on the basis of one hundred or more recipes attractively classified in a beautiful file box. Church guilds can sell the recipes for 5 cents to 10 cents each, retaining one fifth for themselves.

College Blue Book

The Plan
Residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a town which contains the state university, a young woman, employed as typist during the day, is earning a substantial part-time income through issuance of a “College Blue Book.”

How It Works
This book is based upon data concerning sororities and fraternities and their various members. It lists names and locations of their houses, and includes historical data, names and biographies of members, their scholastic activities, etc. This information is easily received through contact with the various fraternities and sororities. The book is then sold throughout the university. Merchants are glad to advertise in it since the type of student who belongs to a fraternity or sorority is usually well-to-do, and therefore a good prospective customer.

Possible Profits
The books sell for 50 cents each and are eagerly purchased by most fraternity and sorority members, comprising about 60 per cent of the student body. Advertisements secure a price of $50 a page, since the book has year-round readability, and is therefore valuable to the merchant. She earns about $750 for each issue–once a year.

Addressograph Stencils

The Plan
“I organized a profitable part-time business typing up addressograph stencils for local merchants and professional people, containing the names and addresses of the customers to whom they regularly mailed advertising and announcement material of various kinds.

How It Works
“Stencils for this typing may be secured in most stationery stores or through an addressograph company. I typed letters to prospective customers explaining my service. They were quite eager to have me do this work, since it saved them the much greater expense of a full-time typist. Several concerns also asked me to attend to the actual mailing–including stuffing the material within the envelopes, addressing the envelopes, filling in the names on letters, etc.

Possible Profits
“Dividing my time among seven customers, and charging each $1.50 for 500 stencils, exclusive of supplies, I have been able to net about $25 weekly, working only a portion of the day.”

Addressing Wedding And Gift Cards

The Plan
A housewife in Florida contributes to the family earnings by addressing wedding, gift, and Christmas cards in behalf of her friends and neighbors.

How It Works
Addressing in volume is usually a tedious and laborious task to most people; and they are, in many cases, eager to have this work done for them. The Christmas and the wedding seasons usually produce substantial work for her. She also inserted a short advertisement in her local newspaper, which brought her additional work. Once her customers are secured, they usually turn their work over to her regularly.

Possible Profits
Her addressing charges amount to $5.00 a thousand. During peak seasons, when she secures volume work, she is able to net $35 a week.

Create a Website that sells

The first thing is to understand what exactly is the motivating factor for people to go online in the first place? There main objective is to gain information for some specific desire or need. So the first tip is to understand this.

Your foundation will be built upon it. They say online that content is king, this is said because people seek out information online and content provides answers to their questions. It’s not just any content is king its actually good content that is king. Bad content will result in people leaving your site very quickly.

Tip number two is research. Now everybody will tell you to find a niche that has low competition and high search volume. By the way I would tell you that also, but this is not as easy as it sounds.

What I feel is more effective is to search article directories and find which articles around which topics get the most page views. With this method you can get traffic quickly to test each page as you build it and find profitable niches.

So the most important part of building a website is to think out clearly why you are building it in the first place. Then you can stay focused with that end in mind. Sure you may deviate here and there but that’s ok. It’s ok because you may come across ides relative to your central idea that you never considered when starting out. These ideas may be able to provide better results for you.

To me building a website is like trading in the stock market. The similarity is this. You need to paper trade first. In other words extensive research is critical.

Often time people build a website and worry about graphics and how there site looks. While this is understandable it will be no good if your site receives no traffic. This is common sense right. So get the foundation right. Then you will know exactly how to build your site properly day one. This will provide results for you well into the future as a good site has value and you could even sell it later for a considerable amount of money.

Please do your research.

Is Making Money With Computer Right For You?

Where ever you look nowadays there are business opportunities galore And many of them seem to concentrate on making money with computer. But is making money with computer right for you?

It’s certainly not right for everybody? There are still people out there (although that’s slowing changing) who couldn’t care less about making money with computer. It’s just way above their head. They think its complicated. It’s not. It’s just the fear of the unknown. Times are now changing though. We used to all shop once on the high street but people are getting more savvy and using the internet to research and find cracking deals that they couldn’t get before.

For some, making money with computer would be a nightmare. If you are a person who likes to get out and about then being cooped in, day in day out… with no human company but your computer… might drive you insane. In fact, I used to know a lady who had a really good professional high paying job. One day the company asked employee’s who was interested in working from home as most of the work would be working online with the computer. She quickly volunteered because she was a one parent family who had problems arranging to collect her kid from school. She thought that it would be heaven. No more problems of commuting to work for a couple of hours everyday. That was time saved of her work day and no more problems of dropping her kid off in the morning and collecting him in the afternoon.

When I saw her a few weeks later I asked her how she was getting on. She said that she hated it. No more work colleagues she could go and see to sort out problems. No morning breaks with her work friends who she used to have a good natter with. She even felt more more tired being stuck in all day and felt more miserable and depressed. Luckily, her bosses were an understanding sort and brought her back to company headquarters before she cracked up. Last time I saw her she was happy as Larry.

I also know someone who is a computer geek, knows the latest gadgets and what programs go where but if I asked him about making money with computer he wouldn’t have a clue. Because he is not a marketer. And the secret of making money with computer is all about knowing how to market to people. Not if you can work for Microsoft.

If you are the type that is sociable, always loves the company of people but hate computers then making money with computer at home maybe not for you. Stick to your job and be happy. Because money (although extremely important) is not everything. If however, you love people and are not terrified of making money with computer… then it might be right up your street.